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Our main goal for our action research project was to reduce the students of Mérici's stress level due to the final exams of the semester. Stress can be a factor that reduces one's happiness, and we knew the end of the semester was a stressful time for the majority of the students. We then considered the health factor, since it can also lead to happiness: what is healthy, easy to consume in a matter of seconds, and makes others happy? That is when we came to the conclusion that the smoothies would be a wonderful idea.

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Sustainable Happiness Portfolio: Activity 7                 Marie-Jeanne Boudreau Does money buy happiness? 
 It is a question that has been asked for many years now, and yet, many people do not come up with the same answers on the subject. That is mainly due to the fact that people have different views on money and on how it can be beneficial in the long run.

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Wallace Lou, Lina Osmani, Farah Majid, Kazuki Gonzalez-Adachi, Georgi Maslyankov   What is our goal?

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In order to diminish our environmental footprint, we have decided to implement plants around Champlain college to improve the air quality that will at the same time socially sustainable.  

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How is the product associated with happiness? The commercial includes smiling people with a good socioeconomic status, images of a ‘’good’’ life, and an uplifting song. It also shows two things that make people happy, most of the time: family and food. Coca-Cola tried to associate its products with things that usually make people happy to give the impression that everyone in the commercial is actually happy because of the bottles of coke they are all drinking. What type of happiness is portrayed?

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This article discusses the problem of homelessness in New York City and outlines a few solutions.   New York City has a growing homelessness problem. It has reached its highest level since the 1930s with around one in every 135 adults being homeless. Around 130 thousand people are currently homeless, most of which sleep in shelters. However, some must resign themselves to sleeping in the streets or in the subway. Most of the homeless are from minority groups such as African-Americans and Latinos.  

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