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I find it interesting how even now, in the world we live in, we still classify people into different races. I don’t get why we feel the need to do this. Being a white female, I have never experienced racism for myself, but I do have friends who have had to deal with. It still surprises me to this day that it persists in our society and continues to be an issue that must be extinguished. I don’t even think that we can categorize humans into different races because though we differ in our physical traits, they are not consistent and are irrelevant with each another (Diamond, 1994, para. 35).

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Even during the twenty-first century, there is still violence occurring towards animals. Several laws were newly installed in order to help animal cruelty situations, but there are still a lot of animal abuse occurring in the world. In this essay, animal abuse will be argued to still be common nowadays for small animals and farmed animals. It will also be viewed as the responsibility of a  veterinarian to see and protect the animal’s rights whenever it sees animal abuse made on one of their patients.

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