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In September of 2015, a photograph was taken of three-year-old Alan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish shore, having drowned when attempting to cross the Mediterranean. The news media took this saying quite literally and circulated the picture across all possible outlets, and the image of the dead child sparked outrage at the migrant crisis that had intensified at the beginning of the year. The image was likened to that of the Napalm Girl, a Pulitzer-prize-winning photograph showing a young girl burned by napalm by American troops in Vietnam.

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Michael S. Rosenwald, discusses in his article Are mass shootings contagious? Some scientists who study how viruses spread say yes, the possibility that mass shootings are a medical epidemic. He argues that mass shooting rampages (i.e. violence) are a learned behavior. He compares them to the simple act of yawning because as we know when we see someone who yawns, we tend to respond similarly almost instantaneously.

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