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In 1977, Rita and Doug Swan, both Christian Scientists, did not believe in modern medicine, thinking that having “faith in God” was the only necessary “medical treatment”. According to them, being ill was an illusion, so instead of bringing Matthew, their sixteen months old baby who suffered from severe fevers, to the hospital, they paid a Christian Science practitioner to do some prayers for their baby. The practitioner told the parents that the fevers were caused by fear, and that the baby would recover with the prayers.

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            In Karin Brulliard’s article, “Rhinos are having their horns hacked off for art. The U.S. confiscated them and burned them at a zoo” published in the National Post, she informs us that a bonfire in San Diego Zoo safari was made by the U.S Fish and Wildlife service, an agency whose mission is to conserve and protect wildlife, in order to draw people’s attention on the fact that experts are saying Rhinos could become extinct in 15 years.

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                                                                                                               Ban on burkini morally right or wrong?       In the News   In the British Newspaper the Guardian, an article was recently published Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 entitled “France’s burkini ban row divides government as court mulls legality”. The article attracted so much attention because of ethical and moral principles that represent two entirely different and opposing moral claims.

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