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                An argument breaks out between you and a stranger, the man strikes you in the face with his fist; you pull out your gun and shoot him down. These events represent a diluted version of the George Zimmerman case which lead to the death of Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old teenager. When the results came out stating he was not guilty, I was shocked. I chose this article because I believed the case results were unjust. This topic draws me in as it raises many ethical and legal issues.  Ethical issues:

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In today's society, technology involves in every domain of people's life. People watch television, use cellphone, computers...etc. Doctors use machines to treat their patients. Police use gadgets and tracking devices to capture and arrest thieves. Even parent are using technology to spy on their children as in the example mentions in the article. This article really caught my attention, because it happens to me and friends around me.

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