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Advertisement in the media is used to promote or advertise a product or a service. It attracts potential customers, keeps and grows the current ones and creates value for a company. For a business, this is essential to make profit. However, there seems to be many advertisements that are using unethical practices when marketing their products. This has caused immense debates as to whether it should be tolerated. Advertisements often result in sensual content, which many people find offensive.

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There are many issues with today’s media. One of those issues includes the objectification of people, predominately females. It causes long lasting and damaging effects on both sexes, in different ways. These issues have started many years ago and the negative effects have slowly been engraved into our minds and social surroundings, and up until recently, no noticeable attempt for change has undergone. The only way to change this is to bring the problem to our generation’s attention and begin to counter it in the same manner the problem came to be, slowly but progressively.

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Ethics is an essential value system on a daily basis in our society due to its' guidance in the choices and actions that an individual makes. Especially in the nursing profession where one is required to care of patients which can often lead to ethical dilemmas. What one nurse may consider ethically moral will differ for another nurse depending on the cultural backgrounds and experiences. In the healthcare system, patients have a freedom to choose to what extent they want to be cared for. Does one have the right when their choice affects them negatively while being hospitalized?

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