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The article “'Where Are You From?' Is Clumsy, but Not Racist”, written by Deena Douara, on October 9th 2015 is about the clumsiness that a simple question can have. In fact, in the article, the author demonstrates why asking someone where they are from should not be seem as a racist or awkward question. Indeed, the author believes that the question should be seen as a way for someone to discover one’s cultural background, such as the language spoken, the traditions or the celebrations practiced.

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In his article ‘Anyone can be a white supremacist. Just ask Raven-Symoné’ published in The Guardian, October 14th, Steven W Thrasher argues that anyone can perpetuate white supremacy and maintain institutionalized racism, even African-Americans. The author states that Raven-Symoné’s idea of refusing to hire someone because of a ‘black sounding’ name explains why black unemployment is twice as high as white unemployment.

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The sexual objectivity that is displayed in the numerous American Apparel ads are usually subject to controversy. The image seen above essentially shows how in our day the defining points on how we portray woman with completely different standards to way men are depicted. Woman are mostly presented as objects and trophies meanwhile men are shown as a strong and empowering figure on the other.

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