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From a young age, the word “whale” brings to mind the familiar large and robust marine mammal that dominates the open ocean. It’s humongous size and strength makes people believe that this creature is virtually indestructible. Unfortunately, this is not the case. 

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One of the main global environmental issues arising out of the modern world is plastic. According to an article written by Matthew Taylor for The Guardian, called Plastic Pollution Risks 'Near Permanent Contamination of Natural Environment’, a recent study showed the total amount of plastic produced as of this year is equivalent in weight to one billion elephants, and it will last for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. This study, led by Roland Geyer, U.S.

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Palm oil production is one of the reason for deforestation in the world. This is particularly true for Indonesia who is the world’s largest producer of Palm oil. The rainforests of the country are cut down at a hallucinating rate to be replaced by Palm oil plantations. The island of Sumatra is the part of Indonesia which has undergone the biggest deforestation in all of Indonesia, resulting in loss of animals and plants.

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Olive oil is the sort of ingredient almost everyone has in their kitchen. It is mainly produced in Mediterranean countries, which are responsible for 97% of the olive oil production, which generates 8 billion gallons of wastewater every year. However, its production leads to major wastewater affecting soil fertility, drinking water, and ecosystems located near the olive oil mills.

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