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Audrey Samson, 86 All around the world, many countries are facing different environmental issues. Air pollution is a one of these huge issue that the majority of the countries around the world have to face. The following writing will start with a study made in Canada proving air pollution can be risk for breast cancer, afterwards will be about how it threats to the longevity of our heart, and finally about how it can cause social unrest in China.  

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All around the world, it happens that certain countries have difficulty with their waste management. In fact, this major problem in different location can be dangerous for certain humans being health. Some, can be affected by what we call; hazardous waste. This kind of garbage is most of the time composed of toxic chemicals that can come from factories and can be very dangerous for human health. So, a study has been done on the subject to know exactly how bad waste management can affect health. For this study, they analyzed population that are exposed to this said hazardous waste.

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Over the years, Geosyntec Consultants which is in Florida, worked with clients who were operators of landfills and wanted to increase the life of a landfill. They wanted to use them at maximum capacity even if they were filled, covered and closed. One way to increase it’s capacity, is by doing vertical expansion along the landfill to add space for waste. Another way to get landfills to be used at their maximum capacity is by using them to do renewable energy park using two type of energy which are electric energy and heat or thermal energy.

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The state of Utah, due to a bad geographic position, is often affected by air pollution. The cold air is trapped under warm water trapping a lot of pollution throughout Utah. In 2012, Utah Gov. named Gary Herbert created a group of concerned residents called the Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR). The main purpose of the group is to question people on what they could do to improve the environment.

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More and more we are talking about how oceans are getting extremely more polluted by plastic and other materials than before. This article which the title is “Drowning in litter” explains to us a bit more why it has so much a big impact on the marine life. A number that could help us visualize this issue is approximately 8 million tonnes of only plastic end up in the ocean each year. Yet, more than 690 species who live underwater are victims of these plastic wastes. The thing is that a majority of these marine species are attracted by the smell of plastic and mistake it with their food.

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Horizontal drilling and high-volume hydraulic are being talked as being a potential harm to the environment and to human health. Five years ago the United States were importing oil and gas to satisfy the population needs and they were at a peak. Since 2011, there has been about 700 scientific studies that are principally talking about the environment and impacts the unconventional gas development on human health.

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