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Racial Profiling: How Research from History, Criminal profiling, and Sociology Can Help the Problem  

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On the 18th of April 2015 at 2PM, Justice Femme, a non-lucrative organization, put together a meeting that included four panellists and 80 women to talk about how one should defend herself after being threatened on the street for wearing a hijab.

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Aaron Morrison wrote in the International Business Times on April 22nd that democratic lawmakers are trying to pass a legislation that would combat racial profiling in local police departments. Rep. John Conyers and Sen. Ben Carding announced their intention of presenting "the End Racial Profiling Act for the third time in the last three sessions of Congress". The previous bills were not able to obtain hearings.

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Laura Degeer wrote in the Jurist on April 16th that after long debates, the US court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has ruled that Sheriff Joseph Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has demonstrated actions that were consistent with racial profiling when conducting traffic stops.

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Are the representations of marketing advertisements in the media ethical?

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The representation of African-Americans in American media is greatly criminalizing. As a matter of fact, the most important ethical issue raised by the social media twitter hashtag #iftheygunnedmedown is the portrayal and misrepresentation of African-Americans in the United States media through the pictures chosen to represent them. Thus resulting in a criminalization of the African-American people whereby this criminalization creates a sense of fear towards the black community. Criminalizing the black community also raises the issue of who is threatening who?

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Sarah Weddington is a remarkable woman who fought for women’s rights in America. When she was only 26 years old, she became the lead attorney for the Roe vs. Wade case. Appearing before the Supreme Court, she successfully won the case, allowing women in America the right to abortion. Sarah was close to this case because she also had to have an abortion during her university years. However, since abortion was illegal, she drove to Mexico and had the abortion there. After the Roe vs Wade case, she was elected for three terms in the Texas House of Representatives.

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On March 13th 2015, CBC news described the public support that was given to Rania El-Alloul in “Rania El-Alloul declines $50K crowdfunded donation”. This woman was asked by Eliana Marengo, a judge from the Quebec court, to remove her hijab. Marengo declared that “people appearing before a judge should be “suitably dressed.” ”. Her actions were not easily excused as both the NPD Leader Tom Mulcair and the Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau openly condemned the judge’s actions.

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After recently hearing of the alarming increases in bee deaths and the potential link of these deaths to the use of neonic insecticides, I decided that I needed to explore this issue in greater depth. I had heard of recent initiatives in the province of Ontario to restrict the use of these chemicals. I read an article written by David Suzuki and Faisal Moola, published on Tuesday February 17th 2015 in the Toronto Star entitled “Ontario right to restrict bee-killing insecticide” that is summarized hereafter.

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Original Titile:Raise the smoking age? Report predicts big health benefits if we do Written by: Joseph Netto Appeared in CNN news Published on friday March 13th 2015  

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This volunteer opportunity would offer you the occasion to be part of a group that takes actions against any human rights violations. One concrete example of the tasks at hand would be encouraging the signature of various petitions. For instance, Amnesty International is currently focusing its effort on signing the #jesuisraif petition. This petition is about Raif Badawi, a prisoner in Saudi Arabia. He was sentenced to 50 weekly public lashes because he voiced his opinion on religious liberty.

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SUPERPOST ISLAMOPHOBIA   Ever since America declared war against the Middle East, a lot of prejudice and hate have ensued throughout the country, and even the world. Islamophobia is getting more and more important in a lot of industrialized countries because of the recent events in France and in the United States. The world isn’t living the backlashes of these recent events the same way. In order to prove my point, I will be focusing on the Chapel Hill Shooting in America, and the following consequences in America and Quebec.  

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A civil war in Syria is going on since 2011. Several times, the UN discussed possibilities of intervention to remove the Assad regime but Russia used the veto every time to counter these efforts. In 2013, the United States prepared themselves to enter in Syria with the help of France but the plans were canceled. Several political leaders such as Barack Obama, François Hollande and Steven Harper condemned the brutal actions of the Syrian government against its own people. However, what should we think of the fact that nothing happened yet?

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In the increasingly expanding and evolving industry of video games, many fresh developers and new independent gaming studios seek commercial success and professional attention from lead publishers. Thus, initial critiques on their first released games are extremely important and can often decide whether a new blockbuster franchise is born or whether the newly created game will remain forever largely unknown and overlooked.

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Twenty-two years ago, my parents immigrated to Montreal, Canada in 1991 due to the consecutive wars happening in Lebanon. They escaped pain and misery and ran away of the consequences of the wars that affects an important human need: the electricity in households.

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Very few issues have been debated by mankind for as long as prostitution. The subject can be polarizing which makes it difficult for governments to legislate upon. It would be ridiculous to try and summarize the issue into a single moral dilemma. But since it has to be done let's look at it this way: there are two manners of considering prostitutes: as sex workers or as victims, whether they are seen as one or the other is often the main factor in determining sex trade policies.

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Audrey Dussault Ethics Blog Post Gabriel Flacks Due February 4, 2015   Liver Transplant Ethical Dilemma  

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The New York Times By Shaila Dewan and Richard A. Oppel Jr. January 22nd, 2015   Summary  

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