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Are men forced to be something they're not ? From the start they've been told to man up, ignore pain and be a "man". They're told that Men don't show emotions, that men are violent, that men are sexual. To be a man, you have to fit everything in the man box.  In our Western Civilization culture, if you don't follow the manbox, you're told that you're weak, sensitive and you risk of being disrespected by others just because you don't fit the criteria of a "man". The man box has hurt more people than it helped. People are pressured to be this "man" just to be socially accepted by others.

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The article “Study Finds Racial Disparity in Criminal Prosecutions” published in the New York Times on July 8th by James C. McKinley deals with the controversial issue of racial discrimination in the legal system.  A study was conducted in Washington to see if individuals from different “races” could be judged less harshly and therefore, avoid some jail time.  The study compared over two years the trial of participants of different “races”: White, African American, Hispanic and Asian.

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In the article “Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist” of Nicholas Kristof published in August 2014, the reality of racism is discussed.  The main point of his article is about the widespread racism and stereotyping that young black men in America suffer. The problem is not really too much racism in America. In his article he explains that there are still many racist people without even knowing it. The larger problem is the people who consider themselves not racist. They deplore discrimination and believe in racial equality but unconsciously, they have a racist attitude.

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If we want to fight against sexism and make this world an equal place, we have to take a few preliminary measures. To make this objective a reality, we have to start at the core. It`s by eliminating stereotypical concepts from the media that we change the unconscious mentally of our generations, if it`s not too late, and other generations to come. We can`t let people think that only one gender is attributed to a job. This can work equally for men than for woman. That means that a woman can be president and a man can stay at home to take care of the children.

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