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For my third and final blog I will come around full circle on the whole Asian Carp in the Great Lakes Debate. I started out with brief introduction of Asian Carp for my first blog and then gave actual statistics on the effects of Asian Carp in the Illinois River. Now I will discuss one of the possible management strategies being discussed incase Asian Carp do make their way into the Great Lakes.

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Sass et al. performed a study on the effects of Silver and Bighead carp, commonly known as Asian carp, on zooplankton communities in the Illinois River, Illinois USA. This was done to see what damage could occur to the Great Lakes if the Asian carp make their way through the electric barriers in Chicago Sanitary Ship Canal, based on the damage already done to the Illinois River. But how can we compare a river to a Lake? The answer is we can’t so it is possible that the influence of Asian carp on zooplankton communities in rivers is different that the influence in the Great Lakes.

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One of the biggest threats to biodiversity is invasive species, and one species that is threatening the biodiversity of the Great Lakes is the Asian Carp. Asian carp consist of several different carp species such as silver, and bighead, however the silver carp is the species threatening to invade the Great Lakes. Silver carp are from Eurasia and were bought here to clean up aquaculture ponds, but flooding allowed them to escape into the wild and have been causing havoc ever since.

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