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The affects of drinking and driving not only can ruin your own life, but also any others that you surround yourself with.

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Pamela R. Bennett and Andrew J. Cherlin both from Johns Hopkins University used data from the Three-City studies and the U.S. census to follow 1,059 low-income women from 1999 to 2005. They tracked the types of neighborhoods they lived in and how it affected women on welfare as well as the neighborhoods they lived in after welfare ran off. They tried to see if women that lived in better communities could become more self-sufficient.

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In a very recent article published on Canberra Times, a young adult in Australia is doing remarkable efforts to help sick children. James Harrington, who is known by his friends as Jimmy, is a 20 year old who has decided to walk 16,000 km around Australia raising money for The Brainchild Foundation.   

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Do kids enjoy playing a sport and more successful when their parents are controlling and get too involved or when parents are supportive and provide positive feedback?

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On, I read an article by Ivan Watson and Gul Tuysuz titled “Turkish PM vows to 'eradicate' Twitter, users see service disruptions”.  The article stated that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a speech at a campaign rally about wiping out Twitter which is 10 days before election.  He stated at this speech that eradicating Twitter has nothing to do with freedom but the world will know their power once they get rid of twitter.

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Obesity in children has been called an epidemic now that attention has been drawn to it. With the rise in childhood obesity it can increase the number of adults that are overweight as well. The health problems that people develop over time due to obesity can be very serious if nothing is changed. According to the journal, child obesity needs to be assessed right away so that the kids can use prevention or intervention programs (Obese parents—obese children?). A parents diet plan can affect a child’s weight development although early weaning promotes gaining weight.

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A group of more than 4 500 retired players of the National Football League (NFL) are blaming the league for the multiple head injuries that they have suffered during their careers. After many discussions, both sides have come to an understanding. The settlement states that the NFL has to pay 765 million dollars to the players or families of the players over the next 65 years. Each player will receive a certain amount of money based on their age and diagnosis.

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“The Shame Of The NCAA” is about the NCAA generating revenue through the use of student athletes without paying them. The article tells the struggle of athletes who work relentlessly, and often could use even the smallest share of the millions of revenue they generate, but they never are granted anything because they are considered amateurs.

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