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Boys, from the moment they were born, embark on a lifelong journey to be men. They are subjected under the strict unwritten code called the “Man Box”. They learn at an early age that it will be easier for them to navigate through this process if they conform to what the Man Box mandates. Boys are constantly reminded to “man up”, “not be a pussy” and be stoic, or else, they risk being shunned or be deemed as weak and worthless to be men. The Man Box is real. So as the pressures it comes with. Our current society turns a blind eye and even helps in policing this mentality and way of life.

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            In the article “Racism may accelerate aging in African-American men” posted by University of Maryland, researchers found that African-American men who are affected by racial discrimination tend to have a shorter life expectancy. These men are more likely to get diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and telomeres. Within a short period of time, there is a repetitive sequence of DNA that influences the end of chromosomes which is defined by the term telomeres. With stress of discrimination and men experiencing anti-black, this can cause a rapid decrease in men’s telomeres.

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Whether one accepts it or not, men seek attention by putting themselves in situations involving violence, fights, verbal and/or physical abuse. Why? There is no reason a lot of the time. I am a witness to countless fights over the pettiest issues, involving my friends and a few times, me as well.

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                       In Lauren Carasik’s article “United Nations watchdog US for persistent racism”,   from September 8, 2014, identifies how the United States discriminates against different   racial and ethnic groups especially in the legislative system. She concludes how the   United States should do legislative changes, policy initiatives, resource allocations and an   action plan to change the racial discrimination. The Convention on the Elimination of All  

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The article “Racism Is Canada’s Problem Too – Let’s Talk About It” by Craig and Marc Kielburger on Huffington Post From September 18, 2014 explains that because racism is more of a vocal topic outside of Canada, doesn’t mean it isn’t a huge issue Canadians have to face as well.  Seeing as Canada is supposedly seen as a multicultural country, people often assume racism isn’t/shouldn’t be such a big deal.

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