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          This post will provide a brief summary of a news article posted by CBC News, Kitchener-Waterloo, on September 26, 2016. The article, written by Kate Bueckert, is titled “Why Nestlé's Aberfoyle well matters so much to Guelph, Ont., residents”. Following the summary, a brief discussion of thoughts and opinions regarding the article will be provided.

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The recent discovery of another source of oil in Texas has sparked the conversation about the increased need for pipelines in Canada. The new Texas formation, known as the Wolfcamp formation, contains an estimated 20 billion barrels of oil, 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and 1.6 billion barrels of natural gas liquids. While this is not expected to have a huge effect on oil prices, it is still noteworthy for the Albertan and Canadian government.

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Are self-driving cars the future of driving and safe? Hopefully because that would save me so much time! Although a lot of people are very worried about the risks for very good reasons. Some risks include weather, unpredictable humans, face to face interactions (like at a four way stop), urban areas/bridges, and unclear road markings (according to Danielle Muoio from business insider). These are very important issues although some of them are already fixed or are almost fixed.

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     Why is it that girls are most often considered and encouraged to be like flower petals—beautiful and artsy—instead of stems where complexity and science is a beauty of its own? Why is there a low ratio of girls to guys in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields?

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    The most important, yet overlooked, global issue all species are facing currently isn't climate change or poverty but biodiversity loss. Biodiversity is what makes the world we all live in, livable. Without biodiversity there would be no life at all, and I think this fact alone should be a huge wake up call for current and future generations. It is the web of life, allowing us the water we drink, the food we eat and the nature we depend on. Biodiversity has been diminishing because of human impact, and this needs to change.

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The CBC published an article titled “UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Canada threatened most often by oil, gas and mining” in which they discuss the impacts that mining has on the Canadian wilderness over the past 30 years. According to data collected by UNESCO, physical resource extraction accounts for almost one third of threats to heritage sites with the majority of which occurred between 2000 and 2013. According to Peter Tyedmers of Dalhousie University’s School for Resource and Environmental Studies, it is not surprising that this is happening.

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