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On April 20, 1999, two boys Eric Harris 18 years old and Dylan Klebold 17 years old went into their high school with automatic weapons and sought revenge on the innocent students. Sadly thirteen people were murdered that day, with hundreds of people who were injured, physically and or mentally. 

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In the BBC article "Daily torment of racism in the classroom" published on May 23rd, 2012, Divya Talwar discusses the racial discrimination a year 9 student, Khadeja Fahat, has had to face at school in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Certain of her classmates have verbally and physically attacked her. She has been labeled as a Terrorist or a Taliban, associated with the 9/11 attack and has been punched once in the ribs by a pupil all due to her appearance.

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“ Becoming a donor is probably your only chance of getting inside her.” Re-born to Be Alive is an organ donating foundation. This is a very important cause that saves many lives, being an organ donor means you are most likely in a dying state. Being an organ receiver means that you have a terminal organ, and you need a new one to live. Both sides are between life and death, and this is the best way you can advertise and educate people about organ donations. 

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