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The reason I chose this article is because abortion has been an ethical problem that has no right or wrong answer yet. This situation still draws my attention because I do not think that an answer can be given. In general I would say that this problem represent the human rights of the newborn and the mother. So, should abortion, after a heartbeat is heard from the fetus, be allowed?

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I wanted to take this opportunity and write about the hottest subject on the news in Quebec and even in Canada: Quebec’s charter of values. The article that I chose relates the events of 14 September 2013 when thousands of people, wearing religious symbols, marched on the streets of downtown Montreal protesting against Quebec’s charter of values. Everybody has an opinion about this heated debate and people are clearly for or against it. This is only one of the few of the debates that I actually feel concerned about.

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                I chose an article about Barbara Mancini who is accused with “aiding a suicide” and can face a sentence up to ten years.  Her only crime was to end her father’s pain by giving him morphine at his request. This article immediately caught my attention because assisted suicide is a very controversial topic and it is one of the few subjects on which I have a strong opinion. I personally feel that if somebody is living a painful life and wants to end it with dignity then he should be able to do it.

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Caroline Mack Blog Post 1 Ethics-Blue (Hawkings – Fall 2013)

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