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Overfishing has become a global concern for those who strive for sustainability and conservation and is heading down a dark path of species extinction. This problem has created fear for the future of the fishing industry and the livelihoods of everyone involved. Managing resource extraction and overfishing can prove difficult when economies rely on the income generated through said resources. Finding a balance between conservation and sustainability of our oceans is key to the success of every party involved.

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Those who can offer any excess energy produced using renewable energy sources will receive credits on their energy bills thanks to the new net metering program Nunavut and WWF-Canada has created. CBC’s Sima Zerehi praises this new program which has a goal of reducing Nunavut’s reliance on diesel fuel as well as educating the public on the benefits of renewable energy for the future. The credits are only offered for those who generate a maximum of 10kW of power, or small businesses which will in turn be given to the community’s power grid.

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