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It is not rare to hear, see or read about a rape case on the news. Today, more and more victims of sexual assault take actions against their assaulter by speaking up about their traumatic experience in hope that society will be more aware of what’s happening on the streets, parties, college campuses, etc. Although did you ever wonder about what happens after? What happens to the victim after he or she informs the authorities? What happens when the victim awaits the verdict of the judge? What happens when the whole case ends?

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  In this advertisement, the first thing that catches our eyes is the sexy girl in lingerie. She is standing in a sexy pose in a kitchen with oven mitts while taking the turkey out of the oven. Then after a while our eyes turn to the caption on the right “Can she make you lose control?” and then finally, the actual product of the advertisement, an antiperspirant. As the caption points out, the girl seems to want to provoke the buyers.

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Sex sells, and it’s no secret that advertisers take advantage of this fact. After just a look at the advertisements for some of today’s most popular brands, one can almost effortlessly conclude that a large number of them use sexual images to grasp their viewers’ attention. However, this is not the only conclusion one can draw from observing these ads, the other being that many of them sexually objectify the female figure featured in them.

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The BBC crime drama Luther depicts the obsessive and often times violent detective Luther as he works in the Serious Crimes Unit solving violent homicides and sexual assaults throughout London. For the most part the criminals Luther pursues are criminals that do fall into typical gender perspectives of such violent crimes; rapists, pedophiles, and serial killers, shown either to gain sexual satisfaction from their crimes, committing them because they are completely void of emotions, or both.

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