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I'm a dreamer. I believe that efforts lead to success. I believe in Karma. I believe that life isn't easy sometimes but you have to think outside the box.


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In that project, I choose to talk about the concussions in sports. In the last years, more and more professional sports are thinking about avoid the fights and the violence between the players. Clearly, they get diseases at long term because of that and we have to find solutions about that problem. As an athlete, it also scared me to be hurt and it’s not cool (for the player, the team, fans friend and family) to be stop by and injury like a concussion. That’s why I decided to make my Research Project on this subject.  

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My research paper is about skin aging. I want to show why it is important to protect your skin from premature aging. I will explain the effects that you may have with a aged skin like wrinkles, brown spots. Also, I will include mental effects, like how it is painful to have a dry and premature aged skin, which will include cancer and all that stuff. Furthermore, I will tell you another reason why ladies particularly want to have a beautiful lift and bright skin, which is because it is considered more beautiful.

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Skincare are now a broad domain. If you’ll ever want a skin anti-aging cream, you’ll see that you have a tone of choices! But what if scientists have found what can be another type of anti-aging miracle creams?

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  Skin is the most interesting part of the human body. Why? There are so many external factors that can influence how your skin will develop and how it will get old. A major fear for women is to start seeing deep wrinkles and dark spots on their skin. The skin aging is something you can’t avoid, but you certainly can do something to at least slow the process.

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The better your status, the better your health. In many countries people have come to believe that socioeconomic status (SES) has been linked with a person’s health. This has been supported with data from the West Jutland Cohort Study which aims at SES affecting the emotional aspect of one’s life. Gallo and Matthew, sociologist who ran the study, hypothesized that a low SES status’s leads to stress, which increases negativity, therefore lessening one’s ability to deal with stress. In order to run this study they had 3,054 14-15 year olds in west Jutland answer a questionnaire.

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A study which have last 80 years long shows some healthy habits and tips to live a long and happy life.

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I always thought that falling in love was about meeting the right guy at the right moment and once you have known him, you can say you fall in love. But when I read this article, I realized it was more physical than it appears.

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At a workshop called "Reinventing Barbie" middle-school girls discussed construction of female bodies and feminine identities in popular culture by remaking Barbie dolls in to their view. The workshop challenges what Barbie represents or does not represent and talks about the significance of Barbies impact on the young girls minds and self image.

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All women can say that they have their own body fat problem. But it seems like women have one fat place in common: belly fat. The point is that we all have the same abs inside- Yes, Tyra Banks and you have the same abs!-, the difference is the percentage of fat we have all around them.

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Gluten-Free diet is well-known for losing weight. They say: Cut the gluten in your food and you will lose 10 pounds! But how far is it true? This article will help to demystify all about gluten.

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The new discovery in the medical community could be as simple as doing physical activity. It seems like with the number of prescriptions per patient on the increase, researchers are going back to basic with an all-natural way of treating diseases.

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No need to go to the gym! Here are different exercises you can do at home in 15 minutes and burn calories for 72 hours.

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In fact, the brain registered every moment when you feel pleasure. He will notice for sure when you eat something with texture and taste you liked. Also, eating when you are not hungry or just eating more than you should has some sort of connection with the emotions.

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Organ Donation is a way to help people in need, and can be life changing. Although it comes with many benefits there are also areas that still have controversies.

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First we should agree with the abortion to talk about abort a baby with Down syndrome, which is a delicate case. Suppose you are agreeing with that, what could be the right decision?

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I have heard sometimes that tanning was good for our body; it would bring more vitamin D and has a mental effect. But what could be the price?

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In a recent article by Kristin Leutwyler (2006) entitled “Dying to be thin” she discusses her own battle with an eating disorder along with information about eating disorders. Kristin had anorexia nervosa as an adolescent and she struggled with it for quite a while, but was eventually able to recover and now lives a normal life. There are three different types of eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. There are very dangerous effects that these disorders can cause which can severely damage your body.

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Could be facebook causing more harm than good?

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Lee Bonneau, a 6 year old kid, was killed on August 21st. The only suspect is another kid under 12 years of age.

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There we are, such as teenagers who have to wake-up at five in the morning and who are going to bed at midnight. To keep our terrible habits, sometimes we take energy drinks. But are we really understand the future consequences of taking these drinks?

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Happiness. It’s an easy word but actually how many people can say that they are happy. In our society happiness is qualified as something material. It’s the concept of the American Dream, if you own a big house (with a pool it’s even better), a nice car and a dog. There’s something that people can do to be happy.

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I'm a dreamer. I believe that efforts lead to success. I believe in Karma. I believe that life isn't easy sometimes but you have to think outside the box.

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