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In today’s society, the concept of race has tremendously altered the way we as individuals perceive the world as well as one another. During the first few weeks of class, I was introduced to the modern definition of race constructed by anthropologists. The main purpose of this concept is to create a social boundary between the different individuals in our society. In class, I also learned that society as a whole has linked a strong significance to physical appearances with regards to the constructed idea of “race”.

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In the article “SPCA threatens to end pound services if Montreal bans pit bulls” by Michelle Lalonde a writer of the Montreal Gazette, she discusses how the soon to be implemented law to ban pit bulls is now going to affect the SPCA’s future. The banning of this race forces the SPCA to go against what their purpose is. The SPCA was created with the intentions to protect, care for and to rehabilitate animals who have been neglected and mal treated until they find their forever home.

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The issue that the article was discussing, was whether or not children with special needs benefit from hippotherapy treatment.

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« Is your brain making you fat? Blame your mind not your body for weight gain, says scientist” an article by Sandra Aamodt Summary by Ariane Ferguson

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