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Comparison between India/Pakistan and Quebec/Canada

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Post #2- India/Pakistan and Canada/Quebec Comparison  

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Today’s society has many communities which are composed of great variations of religions. But, I believe that having many kinds of religions can have disadvantages and as well advantages. The main disadvantage of having different religions will cause conflicts. As a fact, it’s been thousands of years that people are fighting over religions. You don’t even need to go that far back because presently there is a conflict that is been taken place in Central Africa (Muslims versus Christians).

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Over the last few decades, society has evelvoved and changed dramatically. Some examples include equal rights for both men and women, equality between all races and the most recent topic of legalizing gay marriage in certain parts of the world. These are all results of society being exposed to different groups of people which allowed them to be more opened minded of certain ideas and ways of thinking. This has allowed for growth, acceptance, tolerance and overall happiness in society.

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Antonina Caruana February 13, 2014 Post 1 - Role of Religion in Society  

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