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Terrorist attack on the way!  

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NFL biggest disrespect  

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The issue of being allowed to wear the traditional ceremonial dagger named the “Kirpan” has been an ongoing debate hear in Quebec over the past little while. This issue has been especially controversial when debating whether it should or should not be allowed in schools. The following article describes why the law was overturned, and how today Sikh students are allowed to wear their religious ceremonial dagger in school. This issue arose because of a 12-year-old Sikh boy who was denied by the Quebec schoolboard from wearing his Kirpan.

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This article looks at the pros and cons that freedom of speech present. Freedom of Speech is something that has been an important part of the history, and still is something very important in society to this day. Being able to speak freely has its advantage and here are some of them. First freedom of speech enable you to express yourself and your personal thoughts, it allows you to say what you want, when you want, without any worries about having to pay fines or being jailed. Another good aspect freedom of speech bring to the table is protection against special interest.

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