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The discussion over the issue of technology and children’s role as an ever-growing market is the central idea of the article: Children and internet Use: Overview. This overview identifies key terms of the discussion such as “smart device”, “wireless”, and “multitask”. Such terms are now in common usage among the young generation of Canadians. Relevant historical facts are discussed chronologically beginning from the introduction of home television, then video games, internet, wireless, cell phone and Smartphone.

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Music is a part of our everyday life. Most of us can listen to music for hours. We are listening to music in our car, on our iPod in the bus, when we walk, when we do our homework and before going to bed. So, we can say that music pace our day. What if the music everybody hears on the radio and on the television was not censored?  The article I read on the subject explains both sides of music censorship.  

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