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As I was surfing the internet for a good subject to write my blog post about, this article on docotr-assisted suicide automatically intrigued me. What surprised me the most is that three states in the U.S. (Oregon, Vermont and Washington) had already legalised this practice and that since 1998. I think doctor-assisted suicide is a very important debate in our society because this practice questions the beliefs and the values of a lot of people. Studying the effects of the legalisation of doctor-assisted suicide in Oregon, Vermont and Washigton could help to move the debate forward.

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Casually scrolling down my Tumblr dashboard, freeing my mind as I get back home from class, I come across this article about a strange cultural practice performed in South America. It is entitled The Brutality of Corrective Rape. I was not planning on doing my blog post on this topic but when I came across it, there was no way for me to ignore this issue. It talks about a solution to convert gay people back to being straight, although the method implied is completely revolting.

3,535 | 5 | 0   I chose this article because I think that the protection of Gay rights is a very important issue in our society. While we care a lot about the equality between sexes, we sometime forget about the equality between sexualities. Even if a lot of progress was made in this domain, the fight for equality and acceptance is not over. The Gay propaganda law in Russia is a great example that homosexuality is still a very controversial subject even in 2013.

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