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Social media has reshaped the way information is transmitted throughout the world. Websites such as Twitter or Facebook promote the global spreading of information instantaneously, a phenomenon that could not occur prior to the Internet. Famous people, by definition, possess an especially vast audience and this is reflected in amount of engagement their online accounts receive. Because of this, the question of whether or not influential figures have the moral obligation to use social media with care in order to not spread misinformation must be considered.

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        The phenomena of Indigenous women going missing over the past decades has only recently been getting mass media coverage and government attention. This blog post will examine the intersectionalities on Indigenous women and how they have been perceived in their pursuit of justice. First I want to describe justice; justice is often personified through Lady Justice, who is depicted carrying a sword, scale and blindfold. The sword, or 'Sword of Truth' is meant to represent tempered punishment while the scales represent weighted justice.

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Dead children. A malnourished population. Those widespread images are disseminated by the media to such an extent that most people can clearly picture the horrific deformities and protruding bones of the people in question. According to the United Nations World Food Programme, approximately 1 in 9 people do not have access to enough food to maintain a healthy lifestyle (“Hunger Statistics”). This is a pressing issue since millions are currently deprived of basic human rights.

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