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In summary, the text says that there are a lot of benefits that exercise has on our brain. With many researches, they found that exercises have an impact on the memory, the cardiovascular fitness, and on the cognition (ability of acquiring knowledge). It also says that sports with teams were more popular; people choose team sports instead of free gym membership and home-based programs. The text explains that there is still a lot to find about the connection between the exercise and the brain.

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An earthquake is considered as a violent and sudden shaking of the ground. It destroys everything in the area and greatly damages the infrastructure of buildings. For the most part, thousands of lives are in danger during and after its activity. Scientists created an earthquake forecasting model to reduce the damage input of this disaster. They made a research about 40 different earthquakes from all around the world and tried to construct a model from their observations.

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Nowadays, it is well known that the level of pollution is rising everywhere around the world; water pollution in peculiar. This important resource can also be contaminated by many types of bacteria. However, there is a solution to this problem which is presented in the article entitled « Seagrass Reduces Marine Pollution and Disease ». According to a recent study ran in Indonesia, ocean seagrass meadows, which are made of flowering plants growing in saline environments, have the capacity to reduce bacteria unhealthful to humans and marine organisms by up to 50 %, naturally.

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