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In Canada, the province of Quebec is probably the most interesting province there is, why? Because there is two types of person in Quebec and they are the francophone and the Anglophone. The francophone, already being a minority in an Anglophone country, fear the lost of their values as a result of also becoming a minority in Quebec too. However, the francophone have a lot of similarities with the Anglophone when it comes to values and beliefs, making this fear... surd. Since, the years have passed and there is still no sign of possible conflict or major conflict.

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Are there any advantages or disadvantages to having different religions in society?  

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Having different religions in our society brought political fights and social racism. Also, it could lead to terrorism in certain cases. Those consequences are due to the fact that every religion advocates different things values and they all think that their values are better than the one from an other religion. For this reason, I don't think that multiple religions are beneficial for our society. But, no one can eliminate the religions of human's behaviour. So, we need to learn how to live with various religions active in the society.

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What place should religion have in society?

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