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In order to diminish our environmental footprint, we have decided to implement plants around Champlain college to improve the air quality that will at the same time socially sustainable.  

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As of right now, Britain is part of the European Union, but it is expected to leave it soon. This would have consequences in Northern Ireland which is part of the united kingdom. A separation would mean for them that they would need a real border separating Northern Ireland from Ireland. Which would mean that they couldn't rely as much anymore on them on aspects such as economical and agricultural. Also imposing a border would be very difficult and costly since about 300 roads are crossing the border.

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Switzerland has four official languages, being German, French, Italian and Romansh. 63% of the population speaks German, while 23% speaks French, 8% speaks Italian and 1% speaks Romansh. However, the three first languages appears on every official documents, while the last one is in danger of extinction. Furthermore, Switzerland has its own German, French and Italian dialects, as a result, language plays a huge part in Swiss’ identity.   

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It is a well-known fact that females are much underrepresented in leadership roles. In fact, in 2016, only 19% of the Congress was composed of females. In this article, Alice Eagly, Lori Beaman and Christopher Karpowitz discuss this issue.

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