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          This post will provide a brief summary of a news article posted by CBC News, Kitchener-Waterloo, on September 26, 2016. The article, written by Kate Bueckert, is titled “Why Nestlé's Aberfoyle well matters so much to Guelph, Ont., residents”. Following the summary, a brief discussion of thoughts and opinions regarding the article will be provided.

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The article “Markham opens Canada’s 1st Municipal milkweed nursery” is an example of how local initiatives can aid in conservation. The goal of the city of Markham is to increase the number of milkweed plants available for the monarch butterflies as they migrate from Mexico back to Canada. The individuals involved in the project are the City of Markham’s mayor Frank Scarpitti, council members, the David Suzuki Foundation and the students from St. Patrick’s elementary school (David Suzuki Foundation, 2016). The nursery is located at the Milne Dam Conservation Park.

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Recently there seems to be an increase in women fearing that their gender will have a negative direct effect on the possibilities of getting a career, or that career ever advancing, and a fear that their wages will be lower simply because they are women. There is also a fear that because they are women, they have slim pickings for jobs they can actually pick. This is obviously a huge problem.

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This blog is a commentary on the article “English farmers to use GM crops ‘in the near future’ as EU approves legislation. The article addresses the changing legislative ruling of the European Union with respect to the integration of genetically modified crops (GM). The final decision was a referendum which took place over a four-year period (Farming UK News, 2015). The actors involved include the European council, parliament, the European food and safety authority, State MEPs, and the soil association.

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              The article "Cheap Oil an Opportunity for Fossil Fuel Price Reform" written by Glada Lahn argues that fuel costs should increase according to the severity it causes on health, carbon and resource degradation. She claims that the cut on fuel costs does not aid the environment's situation since it makes people buy more cheaper oil, hence, they produce more carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from combustion.

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