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The city of Montreal is trying to pass a new bylaw where as of September, Pit Bull Terriers will be banned from the territory because of the recent accidents such as, the death of Christine Vadnais where a Pit Bull killed her in her own backyard and the many other non-fatal attacks and bites. Montreal’s goal is to faze them out by waiting till the Pit Bulls purchased or adopted before September die.

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Ethical issues are questionable subjects due to the controversy between moral claims from both sides. The article "The ethical dilemmas facing self-driving cars" by Rebecca Lee from CBS News demonstrates how the self-driving car is a good example of a controversy between technology improvement and its efficacy to take human moral claims into consideration. This new product should revolutionize the world and completely change the road experience. Researchers are aware that each road situation is different and programming a computer with ethical reflexes will be a hard job to do.

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In the article “Heaven over hospital: Parents honor dying child’s request” Elizabeth Cohen from CNN raises an unusual situation concerning medical care; can a five-year-old child decide on her own to refuse medical care. 

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