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                “Easy, breezy, beautiful… CoverBoy?” This well-known slogan has been chanted by the many faces of the makeup line, CoverGirl throughout the years. Female actresses, models, singers, etc. have been plastered on various media outlets representing the face of the brand. All of the women with high defined cheekbones, perfectly lined lips, voluminous hair, long eyelashes, and a smile. But, the company has recently decided to break this gender stereotype by signing a new model with a beauty contract. This person is not a celebrity, nor a female.

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       There are two recognized types of gender, a man and a woman. There are many types of gender roles of a man and a woman placed by society. The ideas of how one should act and behave, but sometimes this idea are unwelcomed. Stereotypes play a predominate role with society and influences what people believe. People in society are able to go against these stereotypes and be who they want to be. People can break free from stereotypes to be more individualistic.

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It has been a growing concern on many Canadians’ minds that the day will arrive when other countries come to Canada to demand use of our plentiful fresh water. While this may seem overly dramatic, there is the possibility that it has already begun with the recent approval of a Wisconsin city to draw its drinking water from Lake Michigan.

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     Many Canadian citizens are unconscious of the rapid deforestation that is taking place in their own nation. Since 2000, a forested area three times the size of Germany has been degraded or completely destroyed. This plays a crucial role is regulating the climate. All the CO2 emissions from cars, trucks, ships and planes combined do not match the level of CO2 that deforestation is releasing into the atmosphere. A Greenpeace study found that half of global forest lost occurred in Canada, Russia and Brazil from deforestation.

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