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Our society is constantly dealing with advertising and the perfect body image. This idealistic figure is inaccessible and for some people it can lead to mental diseases as anxiety, depression and dysthymia. It exist different levels in mental illness: the low-grade, the middle-grade and the high grade which is also called the major depression. Depending on the level, mental diseases are not treated the same way. Mental illness can be treated by a physical therapy, a psychological therapy and a chemical therapy.

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ACADEMIC BLOGPOSTPHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND DEPRESSIONPhysical activity is often promoted as a natural treatment for depression. Studies are now trying to prove this fact but actually the results do not go as they would. One study says that physical activity is a good treatment even if the patient is not doing a lot of movement but at the opposite, the other study shows that physical activity improves the psychological risk factor and the depression symptoms.

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The mental illness are diseases as cancer and pneumonia. Some of this diseases can be caused by biological, environmental or even psychological factors. The exact cause of mental illness is not known, but which is important for people who suffer of this type of disease is the help of our society. The attitude toward a person who suffer of a mental disease. Those two articles show how mental disease is understand by the society and the impact of accepting those diseases for the crook.

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Since a couple of years, a debate on the amount of physical exercise that should be in school occurs. People are trying to figure out if physical activity can really help kids at school or if it is just a reason to decrease the amount of class they take. Studies have been done by three universities to find a correlation between the amount of exercise kids are doing and their grades at school.

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Finding motivation to start physical activity could be hard if you have adopted a sedentary lifestyle. We live in a sedentary society where people are always on their cellphones, texting or tweeting something. This attitude can be useful for your training. A lot of applications have been created to help you get in shape.

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We all live stressing moments in our time. It could be in sport, at school, at home, we can live stress anywhere. Our entourage also live stress at one point in their lives. The fact is the stress of other people around us can kill us by increasing our own level of stress.

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Choosing a physical activity depends on a lot of criteria: the part  of your body that you want to improve, your schedule, the sport you have done before etc. Your personality is also in link to the sport you will practice. 

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While we are sleeping, we are dreaming. A dream is an illustrated representation of our thoughts while our body is sleeping. Can our dreams be influenced by our daily routine or by a specific event that happened in our day? There is a lot of things that can influenced your sleeping, in this article you will see six of them.

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We all know that practising sport is a good way to improve our heart and our muscles but it is also a way to improve our character and to learn life lessons. Even if it’s not in a competitive environment sport is a good way to learn and improve yourself.

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Stress has been proven to not only be negative for the state of mind for the individual at that instant, but also in long term effects. Studies show that stress during middle age may trigger psychological brain changes, being the development of 2 certain diseases; Alzheimer and dementia.

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The new discovery in the medical community could be as simple as doing physical activity. It seems like with the number of prescriptions per patient on the increase, researchers are going back to basic with an all-natural way of treating diseases.

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Does the music has a real impact of our training? Do we modify our effort to match with the music tempo? Yes we are. That’s why Nike and Apple have created Nike + Ipod, to enable us to listen to our favorite music while training and meanwhile increasing our performance.

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Physical activity is promoted everywhere. We should train everyday half an hour. Is it sufficient? Yes, actually training more than an hour a day is exhausting us. We should exercise 30 minutes a day to feel more motivated and to have energy for the rest of our day.

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Sleeping is hard for a lot of us. Even if we go to bed it doesn’t mean that you’re sleeping. A study has been published in Journal of Applied Social Psychology who shows that we can improve our brain to sleep by reading some keywords. “Calm”, “relax”, “cozy” those are words that improves our sleeping because it activates our goal-minded process. Those words are supposed to help us to realize that we are tired and that we should go to bed. The only thing you have to do, is to read these relaxing words, an hour before going to bed.

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Dating website is something popular in our society. Why? Because we’re not getting out a lot, we’re working, playing sports or having a family. Who’s controlling those web sites and how are they promoting? Are they allowed to use our picture for publicity?

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Safety when it comes to trains has become a very popular subject after what happened at Lac-Megantic. In the morning of Wednesday September 18th, a Via Rail train had a collision with a double-decker bus in Ottawa. This area had already been classified as a dangerous intersection but the cost of creating an underpass and transit way was too high for the construction to occur.

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Apple has announced Tuesday that the next iPhone will be available in a lot of colors but the most incredible thing on this new version is the introduction of the fingerprint scanner, called Touch ID. You will now have to scan your finger to unlock it and also to see if you’re the real owner of the phone.

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800 cups of coffee have been bought by the same person to give them back to strangers. Why? To share happiness. Some studies had shown that spending money for someone else would “increase” your level of happiness, because you are not only thinking about yourself.

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If you possess an Ipod, an Iphone or a smartphone of any kind, then you probably know about Snapchat. You may even have your personal account. This wouldn’t be surprising at all, knowing how successful the application has become. The concept of Snapchat is simple; sharing your everyday life with friends and family through photos that can only last for a maximum of ten seconds. It is a brand new way to communicate, embraced by more and more of us.

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The 1963 March, in front of the Lincoln Memorial Martin Luther King JR had a speech. A speech about injustice, hardship, and grievance. Black and white, rich and poor, young and old, this speech became the most celebrated speech in the American history.

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13 hours a day! What can you do during 13 hours? Maybe you could go take a walk, go working or even sleep. Actually the North American spent approximately this amount of time sitting per day. What are the consequences of being sitting all day long?

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Homeschooling a high school leveled student and sending a high school leveled student to a traditional high school has a bigger difference than expected. It is said that certain skills that a home schooled student learn apart from the actual material makes their future transition to the adult like simpler. That being home schooled may even be more beneficial for the student’s education, compared to the traditional education system.

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Happiness. It’s an easy word but actually how many people can say that they are happy. In our society happiness is qualified as something material. It’s the concept of the American Dream, if you own a big house (with a pool it’s even better), a nice car and a dog. There’s something that people can do to be happy.

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Going to grocery store while you’re hungry isn’t a good idea, everything seems to be better. In our society, the alimentation is now the target of marketing. The sizes, the colors everything is changed to make you buy a lot of food and have what it's called a food addiction.

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