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I'm Brianna "Amanda" McCulloch and i am a Champlain college student. I am currently in my last semester studying in the Social Science program. I enjoy reading and animals. In the future, i would like to be a teacher specifically for little kids who are 5 to 10 years old.


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Media has become an integral part of a person’s everyday life. We depend on technology and media for most things, from entertainment to work. However, over the years, media has begun to have a negative impact of its users and viewers. More specifically, a rising issue that is affected people everywhere is exposure to violent media from a young age. Studies have shown how exposure to any sort of violent media, such as video games, movies and television shows, can have several negative impacts on the youth.

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Since I've been in my NewsActvism class, I have written several post about animal cruelty and abuse and even some of the laws put in place to stop it. This assignment, which was to find different disciplines that are related to my topic, which was animal cruelty, will help people would like to study different disciplines to fight against animal cruelty. The following three disciplines can be related to animal cruelty and how to fight it.   First Discipline : Psychology  

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On Decmeber 23 2016, the Humain Society International/ Canda rescued over 110 dogs from the Chinese dog meat festival in China. In the article, "Saved from dog meat, 32 dogs find a home in Montreal" written by Elysha Enos, Enos discuss the rescue of the dogs and how out of the 110 only 32 where transported to the Montreal SPCA. She tells the readers the dogs were sent to the SPCA  becuase they had veterinarians and animal behaviourists on hand. When the dogs were brought in, they were severely emacited and covered in wounds.

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On February fourth, news reporter Joanna Walkers from The Guardian published the article “LGBT protest at Stonewall Inn takes on edge amid possible blow to gay rights” talking about the rally of over 20,000 protestors objecting against the policies put in place by Donald Trump.

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            Animal cruelty is a subject that is being disregarded by many but shouldn’t be. Numerous people take this subject very lightly and don’t really know or think about it. I guarantee that many readers reading this will be surprised to find out the amount of times a Canadian abuses an animal. This is why I’ve taken on this issue and have chosen to talk about it. 

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  The article “Researchers Created Fake News. Here’s What They Found” written by Neil Irwin from the New York Times on January 18 2017 talks about the fake news that has become more widespread over the years. He starts off by talking about the elections and the speculation that the fictitious claims surrounding the election could actually sway the result toward Donald Trump. Two researches, Hunt Allcott of New York University and Matthew Gentzkow of Stanford, threw some “cold water” on the theory that fake news was a big influence on the election result.

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From the beginning of the 21st century, the accessibility to information has surpassed all previous proportions due to the use of the worldwide web. Through the Internet, the population can educate themselves on all topics efficiently and quickly. The range of people on the Internet ranges from young children to the elderly. With such a large amount of people on the web it allows for a beneficial platform where people can be educated and influenced by sharing their ideas, opinions or news.

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The Zimmerman 911 tape made it big in the news and the internet. Its reason is shocking. The trust worthy NBC news has posted a fake tape demonstrating how racist Zimmerman was towards the victim. Here is a segment of the fake tape showed by the program and “said” by Zimmerman: “He looks like he’s up to no good, he looks black.” In reality, Zimmerman was not being racist towards the victim. He was only being careful and answered the dispatcher’s question. This is the real segment recorded:

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Do Social Services Matter for Child Maltreatment Prevention?: Interactions between Social Support and Parent's Knowledge of Available Local Social Services In this article (Tori Negash and Kathryn Maguire-Jack 2015) looks at how general policies to give services to the community decreases the incidence of child abuse and neglect. In the article authors gives a way to think about decreasing child abuse and neglect that many people might not think about. Authors believes that adding efforts to increase connections between parents may be effective.

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The article “Assembly of First Nations chief Perry Bellegarde its down with the Montreal Gazette” talks about what a reconciliation between Canada and indigenous people can look like. In 2015, Bellegarde visited a catholic school situated in Ontario. The school itself was situates near Ojibwe territory, so parents would send their kids there to attend classes in Thunder Bay. After his visit to the school, Bellegarde sat down with the Montreal Gazette in order to talk about what the country could do in order to accommodate indigenous people who live in urban settings.

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An issue in society that has only been growing involves the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community. The first public battle that I can remember, was fighting for social acceptance for lesbians, gays, and those who are bisexual. The next, was gay marriage. Currently, the social issue that seems to be everywhere is relating to those who are transgender. The issue has grown since those individuals now would like to be able to use the bathroom of their choice. Now I tend to stay away from this social topic, but an article struck my attention and I have now decided to go further into this societal controversy. The article on the Newsweek website, “Denying transgender people bathroom access is linked to suicide,” caught my attention as it probably would anyone. The title caught my attention because of how simply bizarre the idea that bathroom access could ever be linked to suicide rates.

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I'm Brianna "Amanda" McCulloch and i am a Champlain college student. I am currently in my last semester studying in the Social Science program. I enjoy reading and animals. In the future, i would like to be a teacher specifically for little kids who are 5 to 10 years old.

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