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It is quite simple to begin making the comparison on the similarities that India/Pakistan and Canada/Quebec have in common. For instance, the first comparison we can establish is that these two countries, India and Canada were both colonized by British. Another similarity that can be taken into consideration is the fact that when we look at Canada, Quebec plays the minority role in our country. This is similar to India and how Muslims play the minority role while Hindus play the majority role.

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The situation of India and Pakistan is very similar of the situation of Quebec and Canada. To begin, they had a common source a problem (the British in this case) and they both had to ally in order to get rid of the problem. The Quebec is a minority in Canada and they want to be considered as a different country because of their different language, historical background, religion, traditions etc. Like the Muslim in India, the Quebec population tried to become an Independent country. Quebec tried twice with referendum but failed, unlike the Muslim who succeeded by creating Pakistan.

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Considering we live in a multicultural country, we accept many different types of cultures/religions. I believe that we should allow others to practice their religion as freely as they wish to do so. However, they should do so in a respectful and proper matter. This can be an advantage to our society because it will allow diversity and it can lead to others being opened-minded. In its own way, religion provides us with many life lessons and can guide an individual.

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To begin, I think that the place of religion in society should be private. Here are my thoughts on this topic. I have absolutely no problem with any religion and I have absolutely no problem with anyone who believes in a particular religion. I love diversity because that is what makes us open ourselves and grow in the inside. However, I think that for society's and every individual's best interests, religion needs to stay private. I just want to say that going to church or to the mosque is absolutely fine, but promoting a particular religion publically should not be done.

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<p>I believe there is both many advantages and disadvantages to religiously diverse societies, some are beneficial and others simply cause conflict. A great advantage of having different religions in society is that people will tend to become more open-minded to other cultures and religions. As the norm becomes the diversity in religions, and no religion is particularly more prominent than another. Personally, I believe this reduces the tendency of social inequalities and injustices.

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