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College Laflèche1687 Boul. Du CarmelTrois-Rivières, QCG8Z 3R8  October 12th, 2017 John CranleyMc Farland St.Cincinnati, Ohio Subject: Unsustainable problem Dear Mister Cranley,

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Here is the first step which I have taken towards the creation of a sustainable tour of the Mediterranean..  This is an informative pamphlet which would be given to prospective tourists (before their trip) so that they can be better informed of sustainable practices.   My next step will be to publish the full 7-day itinerary of the tour that I am creating, along with the full pre-trip briefing that the travellers will receive before embarking.   Alyson Gauthier

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In order to diminish our environmental footprint, we have decided to implement plants around Champlain college to improve the air quality that will at the same time socially sustainable.  

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  Climate change and its effect on our oceans  

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