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In the BBC article "Daily torment of racism in the classroom" published on May 23rd, 2012, Divya Talwar discusses the racial discrimination a year 9 student, Khadeja Fahat, has had to face at school in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Certain of her classmates have verbally and physically attacked her. She has been labeled as a Terrorist or a Taliban, associated with the 9/11 attack and has been punched once in the ribs by a pupil all due to her appearance.

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To begin, the news article entitled ‘’ ‘No Natives please’: Kijiji pulls apartment ad for Prince Albert, Sask. after complaint’’ posted by CBC News on August 25th 2015, describes how an ad, posted on Kijiji, was composed of racist comments towards the Aboriginal population. To be more precise, the publication stated ‘’ 3 bedroom east flat house, no natives please’’, thus, allowing anyone to rent the residence, besides native individuals. The landlord also added how the tenant must have a stable line of work and that a stay at home mom was not considered a valid job.

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In her news article entitled “Torrence Collier, 11, says he faces racism, extreme bullying in Westport”, published on June 11, 2014 on CBC News, Lindsay Bird depicts the exasperating life of little Torrence Collier, an 11 years old year boy from Newfoundland who is victim of extreme racism and bullying at school. This 5th grade student is the only black child at St. Peter’s Academy in the town of Wesport. The author says the racist incidents includes racist comments and getting bullied every day by the other white students.

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To begin, this news article entitled ‘’ Trump stands by statements on Mexican illegal immigrants, surprised by backlash’’ posted by FoxNews on July 04th 2015, mentions how mogul Donald Trump made racist and inappropriate comments about the hispanic community during his presidential campaign speech. His chauvinist remarks consisted of generalizing that immigrants from Mexico were all illegal criminal violent rapists. Wanting to establish change, he proposed the idea of placing an efficient security system at the border in order to keep the American population safe.

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       What is a real man? Is it a strong man, rich man, or a successful man? The answer is the man who is violent, sexual, powerful, and emotionless. The real man must fit all the rules of the “man box”. In the American’s culture, men should follow the rules of the “man box”. Does the “man box” really help men? They thought this is only way being a real man. However, I think there are some different ways to be a real man, and the man box is negative effect to man. This is because of the pressure from the “man box”.

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