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I chose this article about a young bodybuilder because I regularly workout at the gym and often see young teenagers there simply because they want to be with their friends. They don't really have a clue how to workout. In the article however, the child that is working out clearly knows how to workout. At the same time, I have never seen anyone this young doing any bodybuilding before. The boy is only nine years old, and has been trained by his father since the age of two years old.

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I could not believe the title of the article when I read it. I'm usually not interested by the topic of the legalization of marijuana because, to me, every article on this subject reads like propaganda. Also, the lack of rational and rigorous scientific research does not enable me to take position.  I chose this subject, however, because it forced me to think about a dilemma that I have never been confronted with before. Paige and Matt Figi faced a harsh decision indeed.

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