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Yesterday, Obama president came to Japan in the evening. After coming to Japan, he met Caroline Kennedy and some presidents. He moved to hotel in Tokyo city last night. And, he went to sushi restaurant yesterday night. In front of sushi restaurant, he met Abe president. Abe president heard “Obama president likes sushi”. And, Sushi is one of Cool Japan’s food and registered world heritage. I think Obama feel ‘I’d like to sushi in Japan again’. So, Abe president reserved sushi restaurant. According to BBC’s interview, Mr.

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This is about Caroline Kennedy who has become the first female U.S. ambassador in japan. She traveled to the northeast of the country to visit areas devastated by the 2011 tsunami. The name of this place is Minami sanriku. There are a lot of houses which by a disaster. She went to there and talked with the women about their lives and then she admired their courage and resilience. And also she was just one of several new ambassadors to visit the emperor. I think she is great one of the women. I have never heard like this news, so I think she is great.

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