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Intersectionality as a concept adds new ways to view issues in infinitely complex combinations. Intersectionality refers to the overlapping of social denominations and how they interact with each other and impact an individual’s life. Within the criminal justice system, intersectionality engages with the law on a macro and micro level, which leads to over representation of certain groups and expanded vulnerability for others. While someone’s race and sexuality may be considered within the norm, other denominations such as gender and economic status may hinder them.

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As a self-proclaimed professional Netflix connoisseur, I have consumed a fair bit of modern media. As crime has been a constant throughout human history, it is no surprise that it permeates popular culture and, in some cases, romanticized. However, within the realm of fiction there exists additional avenues of representing crime in unrealistic or embellished light. From super villains, to modern values being projected on historical figures, modern criminal aspects can be seen and analyzed in a dynamic way.

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