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The volunteer work.Out of this class, I consider volunteer work to be essential, no matter what form it takes. It is what binds people together, create positive non-monetary outcomes for everybody and is done only by purity of heart.

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Update   What is your volunteer work? Writing a short guide in 3 small sections on empowerment   / confidence. It will be given to health and wellness club for their own use in the realization of their goal. It will also be published online for stumbling or for my usual readers.   What is your multimedia part of the post? It will be a PDF that include pictures, links to videos and websites. Published online and on paper.     What news is your work and multimedia related to? (Title, author, source, date of publication)  

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David Suzuki is one of the most popular environmentalists in Canada. His mission is to protect nature’s diversity and to improve people’s quality of living. Some of David Suzuki and his organizations gaols include ensuring Canada is doing what it can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the amount of natural resources being put toward consumerism, and encouraging youth to grow more aware of the co-dependency between us humans and nature. According to the Huffington Post Suzuki is a scientist, author, broadcaster and the co-founder of the David Suzuki foundation.

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With little effort, everybody has the capacity to see through deceit.  At least that's what Chomsky says. But how to actually perceive deceit in the first place? That's an interesting question that will always be actual as it is a question coming from each individual's personnal progress quest. 

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My Volounteer work will be to create a document with  tips, ideas and tricks to live your own way without relying on other instances  to make you choices.  It has a broader perspective than what I have been writing on recently and it is because I wish to zoom out of a focused problematic and instead of asking questions, give possible answers. It will go beyond the political scope.  It will include: -How to defend yourself from fallacies and analyze incoming ideas. (For developing judgment beyond politics and laws).

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Linked with my last article comes this one from the private journal "Le journal de Québec" (Same than the "Journal de Montréal"). It is supposed to be a report on what happened. (In fact it is, to a certain extent). The way it is written and the information displayed, however, kind of weakens the profundity of the article while strengthening it's propaganda power. 

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The products Earth lab cosmetics propose are a new thing in the cosmetics industry. There is an important market for ethical cosmetics because women are tired to deal with clogging pores or irritated skin from wearing their makeup. As well, in our society, people tend to care about animal rights and ecology. This company propose cosmetics that are animal friendly, people friendly, and friendly to our environment. Most of their products are 100% vegan, it contains no animal products and nothing is tested on animals.

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As I believe (and in fact witnessed from my work in some major newscast) the fact that some information (most) are not discussed in newspapers, I vouched on social network trends to get trails about where to search and dig up further research on subjects that really means something but are still unknown : dig up something for people to know about it is what a journalist should do, amongst other things, and this is being slowly lost, mainly because of  interest conflic

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