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Do you know Kinkaku-ji? It’s a temple in Kyoto. Kyoto has lots of famous buildings, temples and shrines. Among of all them, Kinkaku-ji is known as a very popular sightseeing spot by many people all over the world, and this is an eye-catching place. Well then, what are the history and influences of people in Japan and other countries?  

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The new government has a way to make us feel like marijuana isn't a big issue. They want to legalize it so it can be consumed on friday just like alcohol or cigarettes, two things that are already causing problems to the society. It is clear that legalizing marijuana would cause some trouble. In the first place, just think about how smoking costs a lot to society in health and by making it legal to smoke that drug, the cost is going to get bigger. In the second place, making marijuana legal may increase the risk of creating a new addiction for the people who only smoke once in a blue moon.

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  Religion is a really vague concept since it is not always practice the same way for every people. Some people are so fervent of their religion that they are ready to die in the name of it. This is what has lead to the attack of September 2001 for example and more recently to the terrorist attack of Martin Ahmad Rouleau at St-Jean (Quebec) in 2014.

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