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As the article says, bats are known for their way to fly in the dark. They have the abilities to avoid obstacles while navigating even if they can't see where they are going. The bats send high frequency sounds which helps them to evaluate the obstacles. One day, Stefan Greif was studying the way bats use to go from place to another. He realized that bats had tendancy to collid with vertical surfaces. He decided to go further and do an experience. The results confirmed that bats have difficulty to recognize vertical surfaces.

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As the article say,  the shifting time of flood is an important consequence about the climate changes in Europe. Worldwide it is one of the natural hazard that affect people the most. About $104 billions is lost globaly.  It says that the climate change affect different regions by many ways depending on their position on the map. The North-Eastern Europe is affected earlier by the spring snowmelt. The north sea region have their winter storm later in the season, the mediterranean cost is affect the same way and the west of the Europe have the moisturizing of their soils earlier.

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