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                                                 Quebec/India nationalist movements  

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Although Canada has a totally different culture from India and that both countries are far apart, they still share certain similarities between each other. In effect, both of them have had to deal with the decision to separate one of their provinces in two or not. Canada separated Quebec in two parts for a couple of years, whereas India resisted to separating one of its provinces in two : Bengal. In the late 18th century, the anglophone loyalists that recently immigrated to the province of Quebec did not feel comfortable with the French system.

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Having many religions in society brings disadvantages because some don't share the same values and beliefs which could lead to conflicts. There's a lot of judgement and conflicts created because of those different values and beliefs. There is even some extremists in some religions that come to a point of committing disastrous acts. Those are mostly conflicts between the religions. Education and other important aspects in life are affected by many religions. Should we teach religions? Which ones? Should the ostentatious signs be aloud at school, in sports?

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<p>In today’s society, communities are composed of many different religions. This causes a great diversity in people’s beliefs which is something that has advantages as well as certain disadvantages. An advantage brought by multiculturalist societies is that it can open one’s eyes to look at something from a whole new point of view, and therefore, increase that person’s knowledge. Also, the fact that each religion is unique makes societies have a much more complete, diversified and richer culture, which is something that can lead to discoveries, such as food from an other culture.

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<p>I believe there is both many advantages and disadvantages to religiously diverse societies, some are beneficial and others simply cause conflict. A great advantage of having different religions in society is that people will tend to become more open-minded to other cultures and religions. As the norm becomes the diversity in religions, and no religion is particularly more prominent than another. Personally, I believe this reduces the tendency of social inequalities and injustices.

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