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The issue I chose for my research paper is cyber bullying. This issue happen when a person is bullying another person by using the internet. We can see different type of bullying in our society like verbal bullying. But I choose the cyber bullying because this type has increase with the internet’s technology in recent years. It is a major problem that our society faces. With this new technology people can interact with each other on website. It has positive effects on social interaction but has also negative impacts. The issue of this is that some people do not use it adequately.

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Looking to take action to help decrease global warming? I have something that might interest you! Since the beginning of the 1900’s, Scientifics have been searching for ways to decrease global warming but throughout our everyday life. 4 very simple ways have been retained from those researches.    

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Global warming is a huge aspect in everyone’s life right now. Why? Because it touches and harms every single human being on this planet. Do we need to do something? Absolutely! Before beginning to search for information about how to stop it, we should instead try to find information on how did the danger created itself.  

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Take a breath. Then take another one… This second breath that you just got was given to you by the ocean. It creates fresh air, creates life, and creates opportunities, recreational activities and more. Humans are destroying this beautiful habitat.  

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What most of the population tends to forget is that pollution is not only harmful to the environment! The increase of pollutions in our society have severe negative effects of the health of the population living in that area. However, how severe is “severe”?

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Our oceans are all being exposed to chemical garbage every day since the early 1800’s. In addition, oceans are absorbing about a third of humans’ daily emissions. This is an alarming situation. We need to act or our actions will bring our ocean to a level of acidity that would just be impossible to readjust.  

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  As a way of improving the environment’s crisis, we are making little actions to help that out. For most of us, those actions are recycling or daily easy actions. But what if you can help to environment a little bit further? What if we would be more engaged to the planet’s survival? One of the things we must start to carry about primarily must be the ocean’s health, as you will see in this article.  

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Finally!   Obama’s administration finally revealed their plan concerning the trace of carbon in the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency proposed standards that will limit dangerous carbon pollution from new power plants. Which for the Unites States especially, is a huge step forward to green energy (or ``greener ‘energy).

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Based on the demand of energy, our world is in need. How much in need? Enough to slowly kill our planet even with warnings that if we continue we won’t be able to live on it anymore. Fortunately, Scientifics are working on this problem as we speak. They finally developed a conclusion which will help us save the planet: Change our energy solutions.  

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  Compost is a more common lifestyle than it was at the beginning. It’s appreciated because it’s a little action, which is helpful for the environment. We are just changing the garbage where we use to put our aliments. After that, it’s easy to maintain and not really demanding. We should do compost because, as we can see in the article,  it has many benefits.  

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Are athletes overpaid? This question is constantly asked. But the real question is: why are they paid so much? I was really skeptic about the answer to that so I searched it. 6 extremely good arguments convinced me on this site: .  

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Hurricanes, tornados, tropical depressions, increasing temperature (and the list goes on…). These catastrophes are all a products of one same problem: Global Warming. Our planet is literally degrading. NASA, National Geographic and other important environmental institutes are, at this very moment, trying to calculate precisely when is the day D.

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Consuming is now in our everyday life 24/7 .Now is there something we can do to avoid a catastrophe on a planetary scale? Yes! But why aren’t we, humans, doing something for it (generally speaking).I am not just citing the environmental side of this problem.  The social side is as important.

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With the legalization of marijuana many short and long term effects follow. The content of THC in marijuana has risen drastically over a short time period and could possibly expand. As marijuana becomes more popular and the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana use expands what will happen to communities and societies as a whole?

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  God or evolution? Belief or facts? Which is right and which is wrong? These are questions that every single person could answer differently and in its own way. Scientific methods are defined as: “The collection of data through observation and experimentation…” which is probably the most commonly shared idea in the scientific community. Evolution is, in its own way, the scientific answer for creation. But what if it wasn’t?

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  We all heard of this term “Global Warming” and we are all aware of its meaning. We all know right now, under our very eyes, the planet earth is taking severe damage because of what we do in our daily lives. Unfortunately, we barely do anything to counter this world-wide problem. People says: “Of course we do care about the planet” and when I ask what car they have, they answer things like Mercedes or BMW.. and when I ask what they think about public transport (transit) they all say they barely or never use it !  

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Probably the biggest and most important question humanity is trying to solve: Is God real? This unstoppable debate is the probably one of the hardest which Scientifics or believers have to confront in the history of humanity. Since the Renaissance period, Scientifics are reducing little by little the credibility of the ultimate creator by solving scientifics questions about astronomy, mathematics etc...So I’m asking you, is God real?

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      Cloning Humanity?   Humans, the only intelligent civilization that we are aware of. As human being we can only be amazed be the progression that we, as advance species, have been experimented throughout our history. But what if there was a second copy of every one of us? Technology is now advanced enough to clone: mice, cats, sheeps, pigs and cows, and the only thing standing between human cloning is precious resources.  

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Nowadays, sports are the most watch events on earth. It could be on TV or on Radio but the fact remains: Sport is one of the biggest influence mankind has. But does sport influence our society? Furthermore, how does it affect young children?   This Article is a great way to put ourselves in the situation of elite athletes. Some examples even describe how ¨fun¨ can even be a superficial factor in some athlete’s life. Race is another topic aborded in this article by the author, explaining how race is in evolution in any kind of modern sports.

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