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In my point of view India and Quebec have many similarities regarding their past and present situation about minorities and majorities. First of all, an important event that occurred in India is that England drained India wealth’s by taking their raw material, transforming it in England and then selling the finished product back to in India. Therefore, Britain derived greater profit from India’s resources than they did.

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There are a lot of similarities between India/Pakistan and Quebec/Canada, but I think that the biggest similarity we are sharing is how Quebec is so different from Canada and how Pakistan is different from India. At the moment in Quebec we are thinking about separating ourselves like the pakistan did in India because of our difference in cultures, religions and language. We are also sharing similiraties with our background, that India and Pakistan was only one and they all came from the same place, like Quebec is part of the Canada because we were the same colonie before.

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Are there any advantages or disadvantages to having different religions in society?  

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Since ages we have lived surrounded by religion, and more recently with science. Although science has grown rapidly in industrialized countries lately, religion has been hurt during that time, losing many believers. Some have tried, and still try in Quebec to suppress all images related to religion in public with the ambition to make religion disappear from our society because of their "misleading information". But are they really misleading ? We learn everything science has given us by the words of another, for example a teacher giving a class, from reading book or the internet.

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We all know that religion is a controversy subject in society because people have many views, ways, and ideas about it and they perceive it all in a different manner. First of all, I think that it is a topic like any other and everyone should have the right to their own opinion. I do not see why people make such a big deal about religion while many other theme can be such as controversy. In a society it is always good to have many opinion about diverse subjects, so it should be the case with religion.

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With the advancement of technology and the use made of it, more precisely social network, chip and security camera, there is a lack and loss of human privacy. It is important to have concern about this issue because privacy is basically what we need to protect our financial, social and intellectual lives.

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My research paper is about skin aging. I want to show why it is important to protect your skin from premature aging. I will explain the effects that you may have with a aged skin like wrinkles, brown spots. Also, I will include mental effects, like how it is painful to have a dry and premature aged skin, which will include cancer and all that stuff. Furthermore, I will tell you another reason why ladies particularly want to have a beautiful lift and bright skin, which is because it is considered more beautiful.

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Computers may be one of the greatest technologies invented lastly, but they have many negative effects. Yes it is useful to provide good information, stay in contact with our friends etc, but it can affect more person than we think. Many teenagers are being touched by this new invention. Computers, especially social network sites, affect many aspects of their life: school, social life, time management and way more. These two articles demonstrate consequences due to the use of computer especially with Facebook.

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Technology is way more important than before and plays a big role in the advance of the humans beings world. All types of company are trying, on a every day basis, to improve their skills and the technology they provide to the market. It goes from cell phone, computer and television, to cloning, embedded chip and beyond. All kinds of chip, either used in humans, credit card and even in medical system, are becoming more popular. Whether they are a step forward for the world or have negative effect, they are use for all sorts of reason.

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This article caught my attention because technology in healthcare is something important to cure some disease. With this evolution we can save people’s life or we can extend their life.

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We don't necessarily know it, but video game industry have a good place in our financial revenue. Warner Brothers game is one of the most known company in this industry. Montreal is in the top three places in the world for video game and multimedia development and one of the WB studio is here, in Montreal, since three years.Due to the rapid growth of the studio, WB recently got 1.5 million from the Province of Quebec to hire 100 person. This is a project based on a five years budget of 63 million, this money is for hiring, buying new equipment and later on, for a studio expansion project.

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Influencing by all the media that are out there, children want to be more and more a part of it. They want the newest iPhones, they have brand clothes and they want to be on the most popular network site, known as Facebook. Lately, Facebook is thinking about letting the access to 13 years old child, but is it a good idea? First of all, there is a law that clearly says (Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act) that without the approval of the parent, companies should not get information about kids if they are under 13.

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By Carlos Fabris and Cynthia Schultz  

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Internet or Wi-Fi connection is now everywhere, but this have negative effect on our lifestyle.

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Let’s say you’re in line to buy a coffee and the person in front of you lose five dollars. It’s on the ground, you take it, many people will give it to the person but many will keep it. It’s the same case for cellphone. Yes, the value is bigger, but it’s the same situation.

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With the new release of the update for iPhone, everyone has been talking about it. It’s nearly a new phone. One of the main reasons that they are still at the top is because they surprise their clients with new and better ideas. Although it looks similar to the android model of personalization, it still meets the high remarks of most people.  Seven new attachments have been added to the following update. It has a cleaner look, everything is better resolution and has a slick look.

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In the last few years technology proved us that it can do absolutely almost everything we want. It’s always moving forwards, it never stops. We can do so many things with it that we can’t live without it anymore. E-readers, devices that contains electronic books, are still considered new on the market and they have a big popularity. Consumers like it because it provides a better reading and you can bring many books with you instead of a big one that it’s heavy.

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Now, in the 21st century, we try most of the time to use technology. We use it for different purpose, it can save time, it’s faster, we can have an international point of view and the net as infinite resources.

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  Soon, iPhone 5c and 5s will be released. This will create a real change in the world of cellphones and technology. It will also affect the protection case industry that will be able to make billions of dollars by protecting phones. Apple took that opportunity and decided to make their own official cases.  

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ntimidation and bullying are not new, but they are more and more present in our life. At school, work, or public place, this problem can be everywhere. It’s important to be aware of it to make some change. If we don’t do anything about it, the consequences will multiply.

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Who knew that a quote from the 18th century will be the best way to represent the 21st century world? Benjamin Franklin knew it. He’s the one behind the famous quote: "Time is money". This quote is so popular that his inspires news ideas and even new technological invention.

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    Ads all over the Internet  

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Many parents find it hard when it come to make a choice about this. Their kids passes from elementary school to secondary school and they don’t know what’s better for them. Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages.

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Generally, students want to have a part time job during the year. Just to have some pocket money for our daily needs or the activities outside of schools like cinema, shopping etc. This can lead to positive or negative effects on our school work.

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800 cups of coffee have been bought by the same person to give them back to strangers. Why? To share happiness. Some studies had shown that spending money for someone else would “increase” your level of happiness, because you are not only thinking about yourself.

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Emphasis on Beauty It’s known by almost everybody that our society places a lot of importance on the physical appearance. Is it good? I don’t think so. Yes we are in a world that we have to look god to get a job, look good to have a relationship, it seems like we always have to be on top to get want we want. Am I the only one who see it like this?

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Police Violence I'm sure that everybody has already heard of police violence. We see it everywhere. For example: the student strike of 2012, this article situation and far beyond. We often say to ourselves: ahhhhh! Police officers have all rights to do this and that, why they always drive faster than us on the highway? And we have plenty more thoughts about them.

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Police Violence I'm sure that everybody has already heard of police violence. We see it everywhere. For example: the student strike of 2012, this article situation and far beyond. We often say to ourselves: ahhhhh! Police officers have all rights to do this and that, why they always drive faster than us on the highway? And we have plenty more thoughts about them.

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In the last 10 years, everyone have at least heard one hundred times to recycling. Little to little, everyone had started to do it. Although lot of people still asking their self : “What difference does it make ? I’m just one person in 7 billion.” But if everyone say it, it sure that no one will recycle, in final.  

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Nicolas Gosselin 1030

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