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In this article written by Jon Swaine on September 16th 2014, was deemed to be of racial issues. Darrien Hunt, 22 years old was shot multiple times in the back after police officers received a call that a man was walking around with a samurai sword. Hunt’s family strongly believes that he was shot because of his race, his mother being Caucasian and his father being African American. A witness confirms that everything seemed normal because Hunt and the police officers were having a conversation and nothing seemed out of hand.

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I agree with what Décoste says in her article Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Canada's Approach to Racism. The media tends to stereotype minorities and in doing so gives the general public the idea that white people are less likely to commit crimes than people of colour, for example; if there was no bias towards which stories were told in the news then this sort of issue wouldn't happen. How come when a murder is committed and the suspect is black, it's one of the first things the anchors mention...but when he or she is white, it goes unsaid?

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Euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is to this day a very delicate subject to talk about. By definition, euthanasia means to end a life intentionally for the purpose of ending someone’s suffering. Right now, it is not legal for anyone to aid a person commit suicide in Canada. Nevertheless, there are debates on whether we should have a law allowing dying adult patients to demand an earlier death and it seems that many people would be in favour.

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An unarmed innocent 18-year-old was shot several times in broad day light, in cold blood by a white police officer on August 9th, 2014. To no surprise the 18-year-old was an African American. Michael Brown Jr. was killed on the edge of beginning college. The following days of the death of Mike Brown, streets flooded with protestors to rally against the killing of the innocent young man. The peaceful protest quickly escalated to a riot due to the involvement of the military.

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