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Muslims and Quebecers were both minorities in their country that wanted their own separated territory. Both developed some similar nationalist arguments. The main argument the Muslims were using has been explained by Jinnah in his most famous speech. He was saying that “it is the clearest statement of ‘the two-nation theory’, that Hindus and Muslims were more than two religions; they were two nations” (Bary and Hay 228). This argument is very similar to the one that the inhabitants of Quebec are using.

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Every province or country has inequality toward the citizens that belong to them. For sure, they must obtain an agreement to fully lead a country to success. Canada is a large country that is represented by two major communities: the English Canadians and the French Canadians. However, we cannot ignore the fact that there is a notable minority of French Canadians that are known to be mainly found in Quebec. On the other hand, we can notice that India has points in common with Canada such as having several different communities.

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One can observe that there many similarities between India/Pakistan and Quebec/Canada. This brief response will concentrate only on the Hindu/Muslim conflict and English/French speaking Canadians conflict. Throughout history, French Canadians have always been a minority in Canada while the Muslims have always been a minority in India. These two groups of people have always lived surrounded by a majority of people, the English Canadians and the Hindus, respectively. From these two minority groups (or nation) political leaders have risen with ideas concerning nationalism.

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I think that there are advantages and disadvantages of having many religions in a society. The main advantage is that it helps us learn about different cultures, which means that people are more likely to accept different worldviews because they will have been exposed to many points of view when growing up. Also, this causes our population to be more diversed. The most commun disadvantage to a multicultural society is that it is hard to please everyone, such as minorities who want special accommodations like having their religious holidays or having the right to carry a kirpan.  

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Personally, I think that it should be a rule for all societies, because religion takes away part of the rational aspect of a decision, since the religious and spiritual aspects of it and your beliefs as well as your faith blur it. For example, if I’m the leader of a society and the most popular religion (which is also mine) is to adore boats and pray them, I’m going to invest a lot of money to build boats and to maintain and service them, even if it’s not necessary to the well-being of the society and there are more important issues to be dealt with.

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I think that religion should be completely separated from the political aspect of society because, if religion is powerful enough in a society, its influence could be too important and it could pressure the political power in place to make decisions in their favor, even though it isn’t in the favor of the society as a whole. Basically, religion should not interfere in any decision that affects the population or the relations with other societies. Moreover, this could create conflict if there were to be more than one major religion in a same society.

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