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After reading an article by Soraya Chemaly, called “Why Won’t We Talk about Violence and Masculinity in America?” a question pop out from my head “What is a man?” The article was written in December 17, 2012 after the mass murder shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School, and she talks about violence in young men lives, how white young male are portrayed by the media, how the media portray mass shootings, and gun problem in the US. She believes that violence is a part of how American masculinity is defined and guns are part of that violence, and I completely agree.

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       “NBA bans LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life over racist comments” is a Sports article published by Jon Swaine in The Guardian on April 29th, 2014. The article is an informative piece explaining the aftermath of comments made by Donald Sterling in regard to the skin color of individuals Sterling’s mistress was accompanying to LA Clippers basketball games.

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      In the article “14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed arrested for beginning homemade clock to school.” Rich McCormick explores the incident that occurred in Irving, Texas on the 14th of September, 2015. Ahmed Mohamed had been arrested at his school due to his teacher confiscating a homemade clock that he had made the day before. The author explains the device was simple, made from circuit board, a power supply wired to a digital display inside of a casing with a digital screen on the front. Although when he showed his clock to his teacher, she confiscated it from him.

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In “Twist on evolutionary theory could help explain racism and other forms of prejudice” (Science Daily, April 29, 2015), the authors explain that a new research model developed by DB Krupp and Peter Taylor of Queen's University and the One Earth Future Foundation found that people who visually differ from the norm of their society become selfless and caring towards those who are similar to them and only slightly malicious towards those who are unlike them.

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            “A Bias More Than Skin Deep” is an opinion article published by Charles M. Blow in the New York Times on July 13, 2015. The article is a commentary on interracial relationships and how it affects the world’s perspective on ethnic minorities, particularly darker skin tones. The author addresses a feature on the National Geographic website from 2013 depicting 2 portraits of boys using a variety of colors for hair, skin, and lips.

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In “Study investigates whether blind people characterize others by race” (Science Daily, August 25, 2015), the authors argue that a new research study conducted by Assistant Sociology professor Friedman of the University of Delaware shows that blind people also place people into racial categories despite their inability to see. By interviewing 25 blind individuals, her research demonstrates that unlike how people who can see almost instantly place people into racial categories, blind people do so over a longer period of time through the process of getting to know someone.

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Alex, 19, myth of race & reality of racism student.

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