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This article by James Fredrick sheds light on the safety issue in Mexico City due to drug crimes. With the arrest and murder of eight narcos by the Mexican police in Mexico City this summer, Fredrick makes it clear that contrarily to what Mexico City's mayor used to say, this city is not free from drug cartels anymore. Consequently, residents fear for their safety. Indeed, according to the article, 85% of them feel their city is unsafe. The author also points out the economical impact of increasing violence in the city.

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The article, “Can Smarter Growth Guide China’s Urban Building Boom?” by David Biello, the science curator for TED as well as the contributing editor for Scientific American, explains several ideas and setbacks regarding rapid growth in cities, particularly in the city Ordos in China. In this article, Biello justifies the effects of rapid urbanization on the environment and presents practical solutions to avoid unsustainable methods of construction. The high demand for apartment buildings and amenities for the million new residents in these areas leads to poor construction.

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